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Green Clean Globe

Silver Line’s Socially Useful Productive Project.

The Motto

Plant Today To Live Tomorrow

Green Clean Globe Project- Silver Line Prestige School, Ghaziabad

Our Pledge

  • We pledge to plant a tree,
  • A tiny seed we’ll sow;
  • We’ll care for it with loving hands,
  • And watch our destiny grow.

Our Pledge - Save Wood, Water, Paper & Power

Major Objectives of that Project

To educate the children about:

  • The importance of trees in our existence.
  • The reasons for weather conditions and the intense global warming.
  • The rapidly depleting Ozone Layer and the importance of trees in helping to restore it.
  • The role of trees in decreasing pollution.
  • That a tree is not a piece of wood, it is a living and breathing bag which is born only to benefit mankind.
  • Try to use the wood substitute.
  • To encourage and make the people sensitive and conscious about their environment.

Interact Club Silver Line School Ghaziabad

Interact Club Silver Line School Ghaziabad

Silverliners of age 14-18 years can become members of this service and social club which carries out local and international service projects which interact clubs in other countries.

Green Wave

We believe that “Before books, desks, and machines, our generations need the world to live”. It has always been Silverliner’s endeavour to inculcate awareness of the need to save the environment. Each year “Green Week” is celebrated in the school, as a part of the school’s project “Green Clean Ghaziabad”.

Interact Club of Silver Line School Ghaziabad