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Beyond Academics

Co-Scholastic Activities

It provides the optimum environment for the kids to explore their creativity. Our main concern is to awaken in our children the perception of Art. We offer them different modes of art apart from sketching, Painting, Pot Painting, Glass Painting, Tile Making, Copper Enameling, Paper Sculpture, Plaster Painting, Clay Modeling.

Vocal Music

Vocal music training is given to our students from PlayGroup to Std. IX level. They are taught festival songs, folk songs, Patriotic songs & inspirational songs etc. In the school, singing competitions are organized through which individual talents of the students are given expression. Special training is given to the upcoming singing talents to boost confidence in them.


The students are trained in various rhythmic foot patterns and different body postures and movements of dance. Various mythological themes are taken up and performed by these students in school assemblies for special festival celebration. A fusion of classical folk and modern dance introduced with themes related to the environment is drawn from our traditional dance and presented in ballet style.


The faculty is the heart and soul of any school. Teachers at Silverline thrive to impart quality education through their teaching skills which they gained by considerable experience and their outstanding qualifications. Moreover, the Faculty is trained to reduce the gap of communication between them and the students for effective learning. From the very beginning, the students find a friend and a mentor in their teachers. Silverline is proud to have 100% computer savvy staff.

We at Silverline have evolved a concept of the ‘Teacher Guardian’ who keeps the record of a student’s academic performance and also his/her co-curricular activities. The Teacher Guardian also deals with the areas which the student might not feel comfortable sharing with his/her peers or even parents.

Activity Clubs

Children are given a chance to join Activity Clubs according to their interests and capabilities.

Co-curricular Activities

Silverline encourages each child to participate in all the activities held in school, to develop a spirit of healthy competition among children and to put in efforts to identify the hidden talents in each child to be tapped at the right age. Much attention is paid to develop the hidden talents of the child by offering a wide choice of arts and crafts, music, dance, dramas, quiz, and debates.

The students are also familiarized with Indian culture and traditions and explained the background and significance of festivals and customs of different religions and communities. In addition to calendar events, special school assemblies are organised to mark important festivals and national occasions like the Independence Day, Janmashtami, Dussehra, Diwali, Republic Day and the like. Participation in these national red-letter calendar events inculcates a sense of Indian-ness and an appreciation of the Indian culture and tradition with special music compositions and dance choreographies; children are inculcated with a special sense of pride and uniqueness towards their culture.

Primary Wing Clubs

  • GK Club
  • Art Club
  • Music Club
  • Dance Club
  • Eco Club
  • Maths Club
  • Literary Club


The approach to education at Silver Line is holistic, where excellence in academics seamlessly merges with excellence in co-scholastic activities and sports, thereby developing all round and wholesome personalities. Participation in sports and cultural events is an integral part of the school curriculum. The school is divided into 4 sections: Pre-Primary (from Playgroup to prep), Primary (Class I-V) Middle (VI, VII-VIII) and Senior school (IX-XII). A special level of competitions is held exclusively for children of class VI to ease out the induction of primary children into the middle wing. The school activity calendar is a judiciously planned mix of literary, cultural and sports events.

The true fighting spirit gradually gets introduced from class 6 onwards when all the competitions are held at an inter-house level. Be it inter-house sporting competitions, literary weeks, or music and dance competitions, student strive hard to better the position of their house and hence the competitive spirit which comes to the fore in these contests, builds up and eventually the child becomes sturdy to face all competitions that he will be meted out in everyday situations in the future. These competitions’ results finally add up to determine the position of each House at the end of each academic year, every session.

Middle & Senior Wing Clubs

  • GK Club
  • Science Club
  • Art Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Music Club
  • Dance Club
  • Eco Club
  • Maths Club
  • Health & Wellness
  •  Computer Club
  • Literary Club (Debate, Elocution)
  • Robotics Club

Educational Visits & Excursions

  • Children of pre-primary classes are taken for Guided Nature Walks to make them aware of the environment and appreciation of nature and its beauty all around.
  • Educational Visits are arranged from time to time for class III onwards which includes visits to historical places, factories and publishing houses.
  • Special visits & excursions are arranged by the Hindustan Times – PACE for its member students (Classes III TO VII)Times of India-NIE for its student (Classes VIII to XII)
  • Picnics are organised for the children of all classes from time to time locally and in and around.

Career Counselling Workshop

The school conducts a Career Development workshop for the parents and students of the secondary classes. Renowned educationists elaborated various career options available to the students as well as dealt with How’s and Why’s of selecting a career option.

Personality Development

Personality grows out of self-confidence and the best way to help children gain self-confidence is b y giving them scope to exhibit their talents and appreciating their efforts. The school provides the right platform to nurture the multifaceted talents of children. As an effort towards personality development, a number of literary and cultural activities are organized, which include theatre, group/solo dances and songs, recitation, G.K. Quiz, painting and essay writing competitions. The healthy habit of cleanliness, punctuality, etiquette, correct expression of feelings and English speaking are emphasized right from the beginning.

Student Counselling

In the formative years of a child, the scientific understanding is that students in different age groups display peculiar growth and development characteristics and have a variety of needs in physical, psychological, social, educational, vocational and emotional areas. These have to be appreciated, identified and catered to in order to provide a conducive, peaceful and productive frame of reference to their effective functioning.

It is in this context that the role of the mental health professional is of prime importance. We provide counseling to children by experts.

Scout and Guide

Scouting aims at contributing to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and how to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society. The motto of Scouts and Guides’ (for children ages 10-18) is ‘Taiyyar’ (Be prepared).

This activity is pursued to develop the desirous qualities of trust, worthiness, loyalty, courtesy, discipline, courage, and purity of thought, word and deed in each and every Silver Liner to evolve him to be a better human being.

Career Development Seminars, Stress Management and other HT-Pace Workshops, Spic Macay performances and many activities are organized through the year. In short, the school word at Silver Line School reverberates with the sounds of sports, the melodies of music and the rhythm of the dance. The atmosphere provided to the student is conducive to his physical, mental and emotional development.

Our students participate in District, Regional, State and National level competitions organized by Sports, Authorities, Federations, CBSE, various cultural organizations and win prizes.

School Band

At Silverline, it has always been our endeavour to keep pace with times. Latest Technologies, New teaching methodologies, and facilities are incorporated to bring about holistic development of students. A major activity initiated in the year 2012 was the formation of school band which is First in any Ghaziabad school. Every celebration in school becomes special with the rhythms of the School Band.


The School has an air-conditioned Auditorium with a capacity of 250 seats. The state of the art sound system is used to support various seminars, conferences, sports activities and cultural programs.

Annual Function

At Silver Line, we believe in not just taking care of the academic aspect of the student’s life, but also promoting the young minds to get involved in cultural activities, which involve almost every student of the school.

Every year Silver Line celebrates its Annual Function called ‘Silver Symphony’ through which students not only learn the art of working in a team but various cultural aspects also. The zest of Silverliners makes Silver Symphony a success and attracts an enormous number of enthusiastic parents to the school campus on the day of the function.