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Concerts Norway World Virasat 2013 presented by Titanic String Quartet

SPIC MACAY   The precincts of Silver Line School reverberated with music of the romantic era last week in a concert by Titanic String Quartet organised under the ageis of SPIC MACAY Concert Norway. The artists BJARNE MAGNUS JENSEN (Violin), VEGARD JOHNSEN (Violin), JON SOENSTE BOE (Violin), AUDUN SANDVIK (Cello), enthralled the audience with their lively…

Scientific Reasons Behind Indian Rituals and Beliefs

Science Club students gave a presentation to throw light on scientific reasons behind Indian rituals and beliefs. Generally Hindus practice certain rituals without knowing their utility and significance.  Science student explained the reasons and justifications lying behind such practices which will dispel myths and misgivings. When a fact is backed by scientific explanation, its utility…