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Foundation Day Celebration-SSB

Silver Line Prestige School celebrated its Foundation Day which marked the completion of its 32nd glorious years. The day began with the Hawan Ceremony as the school believes in inculcating the values and traditions in students. The surroundings reverberated with the chanting of Mantras which seemed to be direct blessings showered by the almighty for…


It was the most awaited and a memorable day for the outgoing class XII batch of session 2017-18 when they entered the school auditorium in style, smartly dressed up in their finery for the occasion of their Farewell Party.  The afternoon was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers, as…

Genki Mind Development Engineering Workshop

Human brain has enormous capacity but we tend to use only a small portion of it. There are ways to stimulate it which results in enhancing the performance, increases retension, improves the memory and overall confidence. Genki Mind Development Engineering is one such Japanese tecnique for the same. This workshop was organised in Silver Line…

ANNUAL SPORTS DAY ‘Medal Victory Ceremony 2017-18’

Silver Line Prestige School Celebrated its Annual Sports Day with great enthusiasm and fervour to enhance the spirit of sportsmanship and competition amongst the students. The Honourable Chairman Mr. Subhash Jain, Director Principal Dr. Mala Kapoor, Vice Principal Dr. Mangala Vaid and Dr. H.N. Dutta took the salute of the impressive March Past by the…