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Silver Line Prestige School becomes the First School in UP establish to ‘Virtual Reality Lab’ for students

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Virtual Reality Lab


Children are the future pillars of every nation. Every strong country’s foundation is collectively built by its students, while the all-round grooming of these students is the primary responsibility of a school. Since 31 years, Silver Line Prestige School has been profoundly dedicated towards enriching such capabilities of its students to the core. The institution not only focuses on education but patriotism, ethics, character building and over-all personality development of the students, which is ensured through a vast exposure to the dynamic culture of contemporary education. The school moulds the bright future of its students by providing access to various cutting-edge futuristic technologies, opening several doors to success for them.

In its constant efforts to make teaching and learning easier and more interesting, the school has inaugurated its very own ‘Virtual Reality Lab’. Through the medium of Digital Technology, the students will experience an imaginative simulated environment, which would in fact, not be real. It would enable the students to establish a relation between reality and fantasy, while augmenting their imaginative skills. It is a specially designed program, meant for students of classes V-XII, to promote not only better understanding and learning but also high retention of knowledge.

In collaboration with a renowned American Company, Silver Line Prestige School has established the first ever Virtual Reality Lab in the state of UP. The students will get an enriching experience through a plethora of informative videos based on the Science Curriculum.

According to Jennifer Fleming, “Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today”. The world is changing rapidly, thanks to the technological advancement. The students of this era should not just be taught to keep pace with but surge ahead of the dynamic technological scenario. With this view in mind, Silver Line Prestige School has taken an initiative to make the subject matter more interesting and inviting for the students through the use of tablets. The students were filled to the brim with excitement as they accessed ‘Tab Kids’ for the first time! Silver Line, being a dedicated institution, would always strive to impart knowledge according to the state-of-the-art international standards of teaching and learning.