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Dynamic Principal Dr. Mala Kapoor crosses a new milestone…

Categories: General

In the field of education, there is no limit of studies and to acquire knowledge and both the students and teachers have to be always open to acquire understanding. Nature holds the secrets of  knowledge and through curiosity, humans slowly accumulate this understanding or knowledge.
Due to this inspiration, Dr. Mala Kapoor-Principal of Silver Line Prestige School has studied many areas over the globe in the past so that students get detailed information or knowledge about the geography of these areas, language spoken, customs, weather, history and prevailing natural processes and multiplicities.
 Dr Mala Kapoor has not only studied  the miracles  of  the mighty Antarctic continent created by the natural forces but has captured these wonders in her camera during Antarctic expedition in December, 2017. By undertaking this heroic Antarctic Expedition, Dr Mala Kapoor becomes the first principal of a school to elevate her school, state and country by undertaking various trainings to study Antarctica. In this expedition, she has studied weather, ice, environment, effect of sea and air on landmasses and various interaction of Antarctica and captured these processes and phenomena on a camera.
On her return  from Antarctica, Dr Mangala Vaid-Vice-Principal of the school, all other teachers and students accorded a warm welcome to Dr Mala Kapoor, creating  an excitement and euphoria among students to work  in this distant home of ice. Addressing the students, Dr Mala Kapoor gave a detailed description of Antarctica and urged students to undertake bigger challenges.