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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Lemonade Activity for KG & Prep-All Branches

Refreshing lemonade making activity was organized for KG and Prep kids under their personal development skills through which they were made aware about the recipe of this healthy drink which could be made at home to beat the heat. Kids participated well in it and enjoyed a lot. NNB KNB SSB

Water Play Activity for Pre-primary – All Branches

To develop the gross motor and social skills of our pre primary kids the School organized Water play activity for them in which they had a lot of fun while playing in water and swinging on different swings alongwith sharing Tiffin with each other. NNB KNB SSB

Holiday Homework & Worksheets for Classes I-V 2018-19

Class-I Holiday Homework for Class I 2018-19 English Workshett for Class-I 2018-19 EVS Worksheet for Class I 2018-19 Hindi Worksheet for Class I 2018-19 Maths Worksheet for Class I 2018-19 Class-II Holiday Homework for Class II 2018-19 Class-III Holiday Homework and English Worksheet for Class III 2018-19 Maths Worksheet for Class III Class-IV Holiday Homework…

Toy Day Activity for Class KG – All Branches

Playing with toys develop various skills like sharing, caring & vocabulary building. Keeping this in mind we rganized ‘Toy Day’ for  KG kids in which they brought their favourite toy and were allowed to play with it freely. They also enjoyed exchanging their toys with their friends which helped them to be more friendly with…

Red Day Activity

The tiny tots of Playgroup celebrated the vibrant colour ‘Red’ by being a part of the Red Day. The kids were carrying red objects with them and were dressed in red. Through this activity the children were introduced to red colour in a practical manner and the vibrancy of this colour brought smiles on their…

Temple Visit for KG, Prep & 1st – All Branches

To seek the blessing of Almighty for the coming session ,kids of classes KG,Prep & 1 visited Temple and Gurudwara with great enthusiasm where they learnt all the social and moral values alongwith the enjoyment of having tiffin with their friends in the park. NNB KNB SSB

Tooth Brush Activity for Class PlayGroup-All Branches

The tiny tots of Play Group took part in the tooth brush activity where they learnt the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day. Through this activity the children not only learnt the importance of personal hygiene but they also learnt the correct way to brush their teeth. Brushing their teeth in the class…

Colours Day Activity for Class KG-All Branches

Colour day for KG kids was organized to make them familiar with different colours and their shades . Kids enjoyed identifying different colours through pasting of different coloured flowers on the stick which they also carried home with them. NNB KNB SSB

Baisakhi Celebration for Preprimers 2018-19

To celebrate the harvest festival of Baisakhi pre primary kids come in colourful Punjabi dress and enjoy this festival of fun and happiness by doing different activities and lots of Dance on Bhangara beats. NNB KNB SSB

Syllabus & Datesheet for Periodic Test-I/UT-I for Classes VI-XII 2018-19

Syllabus & Datesheet for Periodic Assessment-I Class-VI 2018-19 Syllabus & Datesheet for Periodic Assessment-I Class-VII 2018-19 Syllabus & Datesheet for Periodic Assessment-I Class-VIII 2018-19 Syllabus & Datesheet for Periodic Assessment-I Class-IX 2018-19 Syllabus & Datesheet for Periodic Assessment-I Class-X 2018-19 Syllabus & Datesheet of Unit Test-I for Class XI 2018-19 Syllabus & Datesheet for Unit…